Saturday, March 3, 2012

Worms Can Swim

I've been experimenting with vermiponics for a couple of months. I don't feel comfortable posting my methods here yet, because my methods have been very seat of the pants.  I have not been trained in vermiponics and have no qualifications to teach others about it, but I've observed something interesting in my efforts. Worms can swim!

I have been using an aquarium pump to inject air into my deep water culture tubs that include several pounds of worm castings. I took the castings out and started using traditional hydroponic nutrients, but a couple of week later when changing out the water I noticed several worms in the water. I fished them out and put them in a container I had nearby. Assuming they were dead, I left them for a few minutes while I finished my work. I came back later and discovered that the worms were very much alive. They lived 3 weeks submerged in 10 gallons of water. Worms are pretty tough dudes!

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