Sunday, January 23, 2011

How I Sell Red Wiggler Worms

I have been vermicomposting with eisenia foetida worms aka "red wigglers" for several years. My worm population has increased gradually during that time and I now have some extra worms that I would like to sell.

I am selling 1/2 lb of worms (approximately 600 worms) for $17.00 and 1 lb of worms (approximately 1,200 worms) for $30.00 to help others start their own vermicomposting programs. I'll also include a significant amount of bedding material that will help kickstart your worm bin.

To give you an idea about how effective you can be, here's an example from my own records. In a 12 month period I have reduced 350 pounds of kitchen waste, newspaper print, and cardboard that would otherwise be placed in my garbage bin, into approximately 40 pounds of worm castings which has been used in my flower beds, vegetable garden, and dead patches in my lawn. I'm reducing garbage going to landfills and increasing "greenery" around my house - with red wigglers.

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