Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DIY Home Hydroponics

I built a homemade DIY Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System from a plastic storage container this past weekend.  I got the idea from a You Tube video. Deep Water Culture is based on the theory of sumerging the plant roots in water containing nutrients to encourage root growth.  The water is oxygenated with an aquarium pump or ideally, a hydropnic pump specifically designed for the task.

I am using a 18 gallon container (Tuff Tote version) and six 3 inch net pots (55 cents each at Worms Way). I am using coconut coir for growing medium and some hard water liquid fertilizer also from Worms Way. I am growing 6 pepper plants.

If all goes well with this version of the experiement, I plan to switch to a more organic version of nutrient going forward. Worms Way has a large variety of seabird guano nutrient available.

The most difficult part of making this DIY system was cutting the holes.

I plan to upgrade to a better pump later, but for now I'm using an Aqua Culture pump that I had on hand. A better pump from Worms Way goes for $16.

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