Saturday, January 8, 2011

Worms for Sale

Vermicomposting has become a major passion for me. I started composting with worms to create a soil amendment for our house plants and garden patch. It's worked well and has even allowed me to revive some plants I'd left for dead. After repotting them in a 50% vermicompost mix they're now flourishing better than ever.

I've also reduced our household waste stream by more than 50%. We use newspaper and cardboard for bedding and feed our redworms kitchen scraps (minus meat and dairy products).

These results have inspired me to tell everyone I know about the benefits a few redworms can provide for gardens and the evironment. It's also led me to provide worms for sale to anyone that is interested.

We've got African Nightcrawlers and Red Wigglers for sale. You can purchase them via PayPal in the right hand column of this screen.

We can ship year round to locations in Florida.  Availability to other zip codes may vary according to the local weather conditions.

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